Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety MT Gunston Brisbane Electrical

Your Safety Our Priority.

Electrical safety is so important, whatever you do make sure you use a licensed electrician.

Our service focuses on your needs, safety and the environment. As technology advances, and electricity becomes key to the environments we work and live in, it really does pay to play it safe.


If you answer NO or DON’T KNOW to any of these questions, call us now.

  • Do you have a smoke alarm fitted?
  • Have you tested your safety switch. Do you have one?
  • Is your workplace test and tagged ?
  • Is the exit emergency lighting maintained at home and work?
  • Have you had a switchboard inspection at your home or work building?

Electrical safety is the law, and it’s one of our specialties.

Safety switches and circuit breakers or fuses do different things. Safety switches help protect people from electrocution, where as circuit breakers and fuses primarily protect only electrical equipment.

The installation of permanent safety switches on all lighting and power circuits in the workplace is recommended for safety. The installation and maintenance of safety switches in the workplace is legislated.

Retrospectively fitting a safety switch is not compulsory, but as it will increase safety, is highly recommended.

Never attempt to do your own electrical work. It’s dangerous, illegal, and can be fatal. Always get a licensed electrical contractor to do any electrical work.